Friday, April 24, 2015

where have i been? update + announcement!

Hey guys!
I know I’ve been AWOL all week. I can explain. All last week’s posts were pre planned so technically I haven’t really been active on here or social media for almost two weeks? Why? Well it started out as normal and then it escalated. My boyfriend was sick so I thought I had just gotten a cold. Bought cold meds and hoped it would clear out fast. Except it didn’t. It got worse. I came home Sunday, I noticed every time I bent over I was getting this pressure from my forehead to my nose. Come Tuesday and it’s not just when I bend over anymore. Yesterday I went to the doctors. I was convinced I had a sinus infection and so was the nurse. Apparently I have severe allergies so she prescribed me this nasal spray with steroids. It is supposed to take two weeks to work. I’m not thrilled. I’m not in the mood to put up with this for another two weeks. I still believe she is wrong but I am not a doctor. So that’s where I’ve been. Laying in bed watching gossip girl. Gossip Girl pretty much fixes anything.  AS of tomorrow I will be back to uploading every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I’m sorry for being gone.
And I might have a collab in the works on Instagram! So keep an eye out of that! Link is in Contact Info Bar.


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