Thursday, April 9, 2015

Palette Smackdown: Maybelline The Nudes VS The Blushed Nudes

Palette Smackdown:
The Nudes VS the blushed nudes
The nudes palette came out last year and it seemed like everybody hated it. Of course every palette has a few duds but this one had more than a few. A couple colors worked but it wasn’t worth the ten bucks. This year the blushed nudes came out. Last year it was said the nudes palette was a dupe for the urban decay naked palette and the new one is supposed to be a naked 3 dupe. I cannot confirm that because I don’t own either of them. Now lets get into the smackdown!
 Maybelline kept the same packaging just changed up the colors. The nudes palette has gotten so dirty, I'm sorry!

The nudes in the original look so promising in the pan but it was a downfall. I wish the pans were bigger in both but for the price of ten bucks, its good sized.
Close ups of the original and blushed.

(Swatches from left to right from each row)
I had a picture of the nudes with flash but I cannot seem to find. As you can tell from the pictures the pigmentation is really lacking. You can build the colors up but it still will not look how it does in the pan. 

(first picture without flash; second with flash. Swatched left to right from top row to bottom row) 

To be honest I'm not 100% impressed with this palette but is much better than the original. The pinks are very pigmented and creamy. While the deeper shades are the duds of the palette with almost non pigmentation.

So what’s the verdict? Pick up The Blushed Nudes. In my opinion there are much more pigmented shadows from the drugstore. But for ten bucks it will not be a waste. And Maybelline please work on your darker shades. We can’t really do a nice smokey look with these palettes!

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