Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Best + Worst of the Drugstore: Highlighters

 Drugstore Highlighters: Best and Worst

In 2015 everybody is still raving about highlighters. You would think the drugstore would come out with more powder highlights but I guess not. I’ll do a separate post on liquid highlighters if you’re interested! Leave it in a comment.
I have 8 highlighters: 2 from E.l.F.., 3 from Wet n Wild, 1 from hard candy, and 1 Maybelline one. All under ten dollars. While looking for highlighters at the drugstore pay attention to really light blushes and the lightest bronzer. Sometimes they work as highlights.

Lets Start with Wet N wild. There is are from the Fergie collection. They're called To Reflect Shimmer Palettes. You can get them at walmart for around $4. They do sell them at some Walgreens and CVS. I have not seen them at any rite aids. I own two Shades. The one on the left is hollywood Boulevard and the other one is Rose Champagne Glow. Hollywood Boulevard is more of a bronze highlight with subtle hints of pink in it. This will workd better on tan or deeper skin tones. But with a gentle hand you can make this work with fair skin but be prepared it is very pigmented. YOu can see that in the swatch above. The second one is more of a pink. I love this one for everyday. I can rock this with every look. The only downfalls of theses are they can pop out of the papckaging, the packaging is awfully bulky so its a pain to store, and they have some fall out but not too bad. I give these 8/10.

 Now on to E.L.F. technically both of these are blushes. The first one is the $1 blush in innocence. I ordered this on their website but i have seen this in store. If you use this sparingly you can use this for a nice light pink highlight on your cheek bones. it doesn't shimmer it just has a sheen. The secon one is Gotta Glow which is from the $3 line. Apparently this is a dupe for NARS albatross but i do not own that.  But to be honest thats the whole reason i bought it. This one works better wet. I've definitley over applied this and it looked like a hot mess. This has a lot of fall out which i don't like but for $3 i can't complain. I would give this 6/10.

(Hard Candy Tiki, Wet N Wild Reserve Your Cabana, and Maybelline Hi-Light in Light Bronze)

 Hard Candy Tiki was the first highlighter i bought and my personal favorite.. I read that it is a dupe for several high end ones but i don't think so.. This is a ellow with a little bit of bronze. This highlighter looks great when you wear Luminoso by Milani. It's just gorgeous. I believe its between $8-9 at walmart.

Wet N Wild Reserve YOur Cabana is new to me. I'm not sure how i feel about it. IT doesn;t have shimmer, its more of a sheen. I just don't know. It;s flesh tone. I wouldn;t recommend this for anything darker than me. i give this 3.5/10.
Now this Maybelline Hi-light i want to love but i just can't. It breaks so easily and the color looks awful. Everytime i go searching for another shade they're either sold out or opened. I refuse to buy opened products. It's so opaque. But i just can't love this shade. I"ll update when i find more shades but for now it's 2/10..

SO what's the best? 
Wet N Wild Fergie Shimmer Palettes
Hard Candy Tiki
E.L.F. Gotta Glow

The Worst:
Wet N Wild Reserve Your cabanna
MAybelline Hi-Light

What's your favorite drugstore highlighter? Let me know below!


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