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Hello my loves! Long time, no see. I've been figuring things out and that is why i have been gone..but i'm back now! I figured i'd come back with a products i regret buying. Some of you are really gonna question why I don't like some of these. That is why i'm splitting this up into two parts so I can go into detail. Soooo let's get started!
Lets talk about some not so great foundations..

Top to bottom:
MUFE HD 1 1 7
L’oreal nfalliable in soft ivory
L’oreal magic lumi in w 1-2
Maybelline better skin in porcelain
Revlon photo ready in vanilla
Milani cream to powder foundation in buff

Make Up Forever HD. My color was N 11 1 7. I have to say I was very impressed with the color selection but that was about it. This retails for $42.00 at Sephora. Heft price for foundation, right? If I still had the receipt; this baby would be going back.. I have heard people rave about this foundation for years and I just do not see it. I know it is a satin almost dewy finish. But not matter what primer I use on my face, it just looks gross. Maybe I should hold on to it and try it again in the winter.

L’oreal in fallible 18 hour. Just stay away from it. It pretty much did the same thing the makeup for ever did. I will never purchase this again. Ever.

L’oreal true match lumi, I have shade w11-2. I’m always w 2 in True match. The color was perfect but I feel like some days this foundation could work with my skin but other days, no. If you really like the dewy glow, buy this. But if you have oily skin, stay away.
Maybelline super stay better skin in 0 porcelain. When I first got this, I loved it but a week or two later I didn’t like the way it was laying on my face. It was almost like I had another layer of skin and you could tell. It was gross. It seems like a good amount of people do not like this foundation. I haven’t seen many positive reviews. Maybelline step up yo game girl!

Revlon photo ready airbrush effect in vanilla. You already know my problem with this. Glitter.. its literally glitter central and its nasty. The color though is perfect if you have a yellow undertone like me. If they removed the glitter, this would be my holy grail foundation.

Milani cream to powder foundation in  09 buff. I’m almost 100% sure that this is the lightest shade which sucks for the pale princesses out there! But honestly ya’ll should avoid this foundation. It literally feels like greasey fries in the package. Like hell no. it is gross and it sits funny on your face. Avoid this!

Top to bottom:
Sheer glow in in the buff
Sheer glow in blushed babe
Revlon bb cream in 0 1 0 light pale
Garnier bb cream in fair/light

Now on to BB creams, Garnier skin renew bb cream in fair/light. This pulls a lot of orange on me and I really do not enjoy. If you do over do it, your face will look oily. No ne wants that look! IF you want a good bb cream, get the Fergie bb cream in the wet n wild line!

Next is Revlon photoready bb cream. This one feels okay on the skin but if you have a warm undertone like me, avoid it. It pulls a lot of peach and pink. If you’re neutral or cool, try it! It might do wonders for you.

I have two illuminators and they’re both by hard candy which can be purchased at Walmart. They are both in the sheer glow all the way line. These are liquid illuminators hich are really popular right now.  I own blushing babe and into the buff. Blushing babe is pink and into the buff is a beige/yellow.. They are sticky as hell though and fragranced. If youre sensitive to smells. Avoid.

I lost the concealer pictures L

Sonia kashuk all covered up corrector in  porcelain. This is a very yellow toned concealer but its really thick. So avoid it under eyes, it gets really creasey. Its great for under thee brow and acne spots but I usually only use concealer under eyes.. so this is a no go for me.

This almay double sided concealer comes with a highlighter. This is a heavy duty concealer that’s greasy. The concealer is yellow toned while the highlighter is more [ink toned. Its honestly a waste of money. Most almay products are a waste in my mind.

Maybelline dream lumi in radiant which is pink toned and does not hide dark circles.. If you just want a glow, buy this.. I’m assuming if you used a pink based concealer you could just place it on top of that for full coverage with a glow. Bit I just I didn’t really like it.

L’oreal magic lumi highlighter in medium. I used to fake tan a lot in the spring so this was the perfect shade. I actually enjoy this concealer a lot. So you may be wondering why I regret it, I only love the shade medium. When my self tan faded, I went and bought the lighter shade and just hated the color. So it is not the product, it is the lighter shade, if that makes any sense.

top to bottom
Sonia kashuk in warm tan
L’oreal tone sweep in nectar
Wet n wild bronzer
Rimmel in sun queen

Rimmel sun shimmer bronzer in 003 sun queen, it claims it is water proof and it actually is.. but the color is very orange, worse than nyc sunny. I know some people like that look but I hate it.

Wet n wild color icon bronzer and blush. This was limited edition but I ripped the tag off with the name. on ii. This bronzer has red undertones and it is not very subtle. This is legit red brown which would be good for deeper skin tones and Halloween looks. This would not work for everyday for looks for me but for deeper African American skin tones.

L’oreal tone sweep in nectar. One side is an orange toned blush with a cool toned bronzer. This sucks. It has no pigmentation but if it did, I feel like it would be beautiful. I really love orange toned blushes and had such high hopes. I think this is discontinued but you can find it at discount stores still.

Sonia kashuk undectable cream bronzer in warm tan. I bought this because everyone said this was a dupe for the tan de chanel and it might be. I’m not sure. But this taught me I hate cream bronzer. I really wish I liked it because it is so gorgeous. If you can play with cream bronzers, buy it.

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