Saturday, April 18, 2015

How I Fixed My Skin Emergency

Hey Loves!
I know last month I posted my skincare routines but in the last couple of weeks I’ve been having really bad dry spots. I don’t like when my skin changes at all. IT bothers me and I get really self-conscious. I was trying everything that I owned to fix  but I finally had to give in and go to CVS .So what happened was I was getting almost c like shaped marks around my mouth and smile lines, my temples were just getting weird patches, and the skin around my nose piercing was getting worse.
When I was thinking about what could have caused these I had to think back a good week or two. I had recently stripped my hair with Color Oops and that really irritated m skin but it would not have gotten near my mouth or nose piercing. I finally figured out it was a mix of two things. My Olay brush and the seasons changing. I have stopped using my Olay brush every day. I use it maybe once a week now. I feel like that has made a huge improvement. I live in New England and we pretty much have every season at least one day a week. It’s pretty ridiculous. But due to that my skin is not adjusting very easily. So how did I fix this?
CeraVe moisturizing cream, Aloe Vera, and Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash. I stuck with my original face wash because it didn’t bother my skin and wasn’t rough on it. After I pat my face Dry I apply a quarter sized amount of ale Vera all over my face. I usually let that sink in for 2-3 minutes before applying a Cerave but if I’m in a rush I apply the CeraVE right on top of it. When I first started using the Cerave I used a quarter sized amount but I’m currently only using about a nickel size. Not only are my Dry Spots completely gone but my makeup looks flawless on. And of course my skin is so smooth.

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