Friday, March 27, 2015

Coastal Scents Review + Swatches!

Coastal Scents Swatches + Review!
A couple weeks ago I made an order on coastal scents for some of their hot pots. To be honest, I’m pleasantly surprised. I ordered them on a Thursday and they arrived the next Monday. Fast shipping? Hell Yeah! Now the on thing I don’t like is they are not magnetic. I applied an adhesive magnetic to the back so they could go in my MAC palette. These ahdows are around $2 and they have some fallout. Not as major but as much as the lorac pro palette. The one thing I hate about ordering online is that the colors in the pictures sometimes aren’t true. A lot of these I thought were going to be more orange bu they are actually yellow. So that kinda sucks.
26 Hot pots (listed from lightest to darkest) :
-Polar Bare (Sheer matte)
-Snow Bunny (Semi Opaque Matte)
-Southern Belle (Semi Opaque Satin)
-Tea Rose Pink (Sheer Satin)
- -Persian Peach (Semi Opaque Matte)
- Petal Peach (Semi Opaque Matte)
- Orange Mousse (Sheer Matte)
-Midas Gold (Semi Opaque Matte)
- Cantaloupe Slice (Sheer Matte)
- Mimosa (Semi opaque satin)
- Light Slate (opaque Matte)
- Tuscany (Opaque Matte)
- Paprika (Semi opaque matte)
- Redwood (Semi opaque matte)
- Oktoberfest (Opaque Matte)
- American Rose (Opaque Shimmer)
- Ash Grey (Opaque matte)
- Light Taupe (Semi Opaque Matte)
-Copper Pot (Opaque Shimmer)
- olive wood (Opaque matte)
- Rich Walnut (Semi opaque shimmer)
- Raisin Berry (opaque shimmer)
 - Cherry Chocolate (Opaque Shimmer)
- Steel Grey (opaque Shimmer)
- black berry (opaque satin)
- Incognito (opaque matte)

I did not swatch all colors due to the fact that some are quite sheer.

First picture is without flash and the second is flash.
From top to bottom:
Persian Peach
Light Slate
Ash Grey
American Rose
Copper Pot
Left side is raisin berry
Right Side is steel grey

My overall opinion is some could be better but a majority is great. For 2 bucks it is worth checking out! 

Check back in for a new post tomorrow!


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