Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Battle Of The Foundations: L'oreal

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Today I decided to do battle of the l’oreal foundations. Currently L’oreal is my favorite brand for makeup and skin care. .I own six of L’oreals foundations. I do not own any of the mineral foundations due to the fact that I just don’t like the concept. Let’s get started!
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I own the Infallible 18 hour wear, Infallible Pro Matte, Magic Nude liquid powder, visible lift blur, True Match, And True Match Lumi.

Infallible 18 hour wear
I own this in the shade 602 Soft ivory. I can honestly say I HATE this foundation. It makes me look like a greasball and it seems like it never dries even when I set it with a powder. I literally have nothing good to say. I would give this foundation 0 out of 10.

Infallible Pro Matte
I have this in shades 102 Shell Beige (my current shade) and 103 Natural buff. I wouldn’t say this foundation lasts 24 hours like it claims but it does hold up well. The color range for this sucks though. Because it is in a tube it’s hard to pick out your correct shade. Plus these foundations are orange. So most likely you are going to have to blend this down to your chest. If you have dry skin I do not recommend this. I have dry patches around my nose and chin and it clings there and gets really patchy. I would give this foundation an 8 out of 10.

Magic Nude liquid powder
This foundation has got to be one of my favorites. I own this in 310 Light Ivory. If I could describe this in one word, it would be perfection. This is a very light coverage to medium coverage if you build it. Usually I go for more of the full coverage foundations but lately I’ve been really enjoying this. This foundation will make the rest of your make up go on so smooth. Your contour and highlight will look amazing. I do have to say though it maybe lasts 6 hours tops. Again this foundation has a little bit of orange but nothing like the Pro Matte. I would give this 9 out of 10.
 Visible lift blur
I own this in 201 Light Ivory and 203 Nude Beige. I originally picked this up in the summer and to be quite honest I liked it better on my skin then. I feel like this doesn’t look good now that I’m paler even though it matches me almost perfectly. Now it just feels really oily on my skin. The downside again with this is it is a bit orange and it has the same packaging as the pro matte where it’s hard to tell your shade. This is a great foundation just is more perfect on tanner skin. I give it a 7 out of 10.
True Match
It seems like everyone and their momma loves this. I love this foundation more than my Revlon color stay which was my holy grail foundation for about a year. I own this in W2 Light ivory. Matches me perfectly. This is a buildable foundation. On me the first Layer is medium coverage but after it dries you could build this up to full coverage. I just use one layer and with concealer I’m good. This is about a 6 hour wear. Not something I would wear to a wedding. For an everyday foundation this is perfect. I give it an 8 out of 10.
True Match Lumi
I have such mixed feelings about this bad boy. It ain’t even funny. Some days I love this foundation and other days I hate it on my skin. It either give me nice Glowing skin or I look like a disco ball. There is no happy medium for me with this. I own this in w1-w2. The color is right.I just I don’t know... I give this 4 out of 10.

The Winners..
Magic Nude liquid powder
True Match
Infallible Pro Matte

Let me know if you want me to do something like this with other products!
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